Beach Blanket Wingo!

buffalowildwingsAfter some of the best weather all year in Southern California, Mother Nature turned on us. I search near and far for a solution to the cold … ahh, hot wings. That will warm my belly.  So I roll with my kids for a special treat, a visit to one of the better wing chains, Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) in Mission Viejo.

As we approach the door, we come across a sign displaying “Wednesday’s Specials.” Beer is two bucks and the wings are 60-cents apiece! I hope no one is watching as I jump for joy and exchange a couple of high fives with the kids. Game on, it is wing:30.  I quickly order a large cerveza (water for the kids) and 20 wings cooked in a dry rub called Desert Heat. A good friend of mine introduced me to Desert Heat and that is a great way to go. My advice is to order the wings with the dry rub and get the tub with all of the BWW’s 18 sauces to test—yum.
Sauces to beat the band. | Photo by Scott Sanchez

bwwsaucesandbeerBWW has a great sports-bar feel—a big bar with a ton of large flat-screen TVs and a big dinner area for the less brave. I chose the bar—more my speed. The service could be a bit quicker, but in the name of the wing I will take one for the team. The big problem tonight is my boys—you guessed it, they love BWW and will duke it out with me on how many we can eat. Thank god for 60-cent wings otherwise Christmas may have just come early for the boys.

There’s an app for that
Who would have thought that writing about wings could actually hinder my wing-eating abilities?Dammit, Jim put down the iPhone and eat for god’s sake! I start with Wild Sauce—perfect; Spicy BBQ—yes; Asian Zing—bueno; Honey BBQ—uh-huh; and the famous Blazing Sauce is next. Eat 12 wings covered in Blazing Sauce in six minutes; no drinks; no extra sauce; and no wiping of the hands or face—if you make to the finish line in time, you make the hall of fame. Good luck and kiss your belly good-bye.

You know, I’m often asked, “Hey, are those very spicy?” and my reply is usually “No, not too bad.” Please keep in mind, my palate has been tested and tortured, so what might be mild to me might peel paint off your car. So how do I know if the heat is right? If my forehead is sweating and my nose is running … perfect. More napkins please!

We need a bigger boat…
Eating wings with my boys is like chumming for sharks, watch your fingers, these people might take one dip in sauce and ask questions later; a full on wing melee. For the love of god, my two boys (8 and 9) and I just ordered 40 wings—two new challengers to the throne. I guess the wings here are good, you think?
enzoThe Wing Assassin leaves no survivors.| Photo by Scott Sanchez

My kids have now glossed themselves. Don’t know what glossed is? Listen to Jim Rome on the radio. My eight-year old is the self-proclaimed “Wing Assassin” and his brother is the “Wing Killa’.” I am just your neighborhood Wing Man. Oh, the father-son bonding is the best. Sorry mom, boy’s night!

Buffalo Wild Wings also offers a great exercise program when you leave. You can choose to walk down two flights of stairs, post-wing fest, to help clear your calorie-conscious mind, or take the escalator. I choose the stairs, so I can sleep at night.

BWW gets 4.5 wings on the wing scale. How do you get five out of five on the wing scale? Perfection in flavor, service and price.

Wing man out.

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By Scott Sanchez on December 22, 2010 7:18 PM