Wing Man Drops in at Bubba Kahunas (repost)



A little piece of heaven.

 If you are not familiar with Bubba Kahuna’s, well then you must not have kids playing sports in southern OC. Located in Dana Point across from Doheny Beach, Bubba Kahuna’s is a converted sports bar that became a pizza joint. Bubba’s is a perfect party place for the kids as they have tons of tables, TV’s, pizza and an arcade.

The fatal flaw and the savior of any good pizza joint is the dreaded arcade. Although it offers me an opportunity to mow down my wings and beer in solitude, the arcade also sucks every penny I earned for the week to get that coveted solitude. It is a tough price to pay, but someone has to do it. Man needs wings!

For the parents, they have some good grinds, but most importantly WINGS, and of course cerveza and vino, if you are so inclined. I’m inclined.


Bubba Kahuna’s offers a respectable selection of wing styles and flavors to choose from.

Bubba’s offers five types of wings from mild to extra spicy to sweet, and BBQ, plus you can get them breaded (Kahuna style) if you wish. I am a big fan of breaded, so I went Kahuna style with a side of the extra-hot volcano sauce. The wings come in six or 12 pieces. I went for the six wings deal as they cost $6.49, a bit pricy for my wing budget. As you know, I am not a big fan of expensive wings and a buck a wing is a lot, so Bubba gets a strike for hindering me from my true wing dining potential.

The wings arrive and look perfect. They are a golden brown, crispy and ready for my belly. With your order you receive a side of sauce (extra-spicy Volcano) and a side of ranch dressing—both were ample amounts to complete my meal, a plus in the “win” column for Bubba’s. The first, the last and all of the bites in between were both crispy and moist. These are good wings; too bad I could not pony up for the basket of 12. I never should have introduced those kids to my vice.

Twelve wings would have been perfect as my other challenge is that my kids love wings too. Damn, you are going to make me share my precious poultry? Now I have to barter with my kids for these six coveted wings…  “Ok, give me a slice of your pizza and you can have a wing.” Of course my son hands me a slice so small it could have been a chicken wing.

Did I mention that Bubba’s has beer? Another check mark in the “plus” column. Their beer is ice-cold and they have a good variety of the standard domestics and some good microbrew-style beers. By the way, they also serve wine, so the “better half” is content on our family visits. …Good to keep the CFO happy, if you know what I mean.


The carnage”

All in all, Bubba’s is a great place for wings, but just a bit too pricy for my liking to come on a regular basis. Get 8-10 wings for closer to six bills and I am probably there most weekends. Bubba’s gets a 3 out of 5 on Wing Man’s wings scale.

If you know a great wing joint, or if you are the proprietor of a place that purports to make great wings, let me know—I am always hungry for wings. You can contact me at

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By Scott Sanchez on November 28, 2010 9:46 AM